Solution for mixture and circulation of wastewater with coarse-bubble aeration
DT_Fluid_121023 Airlift

Product Description

Airlift is a solution for mixture and circulating wastewater with coarse-bubble aeration. In this case, pipelines with special bores are linearly mounted on the pool wall above the tank bottom. The air is driven with determined pressure and the resulting bubbles circulate the wastewater in the pool. Since they are coarse bubbles that rise quickly to the surface and then strip, a solution of the oxygen in the wastewater is avoided.

The intelligent automation solution TeleMatic controls the valves of the air lines. When using the airlift in denitrification tanks, oxygen measurements are installed and included in the automation solution. These measurements provide the certainty that in the circulation process, no oxygen goes into solution and is consumed by the bacteria.

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Your Benefits

  • Lower energy consumption than agitators with the same circulation volume
  • In contrast to the agitator, no dead space is created, so there are fewer deposits
  • The Airlift is low maintenance because it avoids tangling
  • No mechanical parts in the wastewater
  • Minimization of operating and maintenance costs


  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Process water treatment plants
  • Aeration tank
  • Denitrification
  • Sludge storage tank
  • Template pool
  • Mixing reactors

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