AWS-Flush Gate

Automatic flushing gate. Surge cleaning for rain basins and channels with a low overall height.
Flushing System (AWS-Flush Gate)


AWS Flushing Gates are effective systems to remove sedimentation in storm water tanks and canals. The AWS-Flush Gate operates fully automatically through level sensors. It is installed in the sewage structures using that retained water for flushing the bottom of the basin during damming. By opening the gate after damming, a strong flushing wave is created on the bottom, safely flushes the sedimentation into a collector trench located at the end of the flushing lane.

Your Benefits

  • Longest flushing wave
  • Double-acting cylinders as a standard
  • No freshwater supply required
  • Easy to retrofit into existing structures
  • Stainless steel- or high-quality composite material
  • Safe locking/opening system using oil pressure
  • Monitoring system to indicate malfunctions


  • Stormwater tank
  • Sewer reservoirs

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