HST is an employee-driven company. We appreciate the competence of each individual and open dialogue at the same level, with each other and with our customers. We have consciously foregone the rigid structure of departments and introduced networked areas because we adjust to the individual needs of our customers across all areas. This way, we create an open space for an optimal exchange and ultimately an efficient workflow that benefits our customers.

Inventive spirit with grafting

We place great value on our employees‘ creative powers, networking skills and grafting abilities: They have the big picture in mind and logically combine the things that systematically belong together in the right place. This has been proven in the numerous products and over 8,000 projects we have been able to successfully develop and complete since the founding of our company over 30 years ago. The company succeeded at this as we continuously educate ourselves and are always on the search for even better solutions. Over the years, this has led to an innovative spirit among the HST employees, which has made the company an internationally sought-after solution provider.

A culture of recognition

New ideas require courage and decision-makers that advocate an idea. To this end, HST has created a culture of recognition and competence support that contributes to the further development of each individual. This way, we ensure the best framework conditions for the success of our projects with you. And we advocate this.